mini apple pancakes

2013-04-18 @ 21:58:00
So it was that morning some days ago, when I tried to make mini banana pancakes for breakfast. I was really surprised by how good they actually tasted and went for the same breakfast this morning. An amazing walk through the rain, some hours in school and in a train later I came home. Hungry...
And this was when I recognized those apples in our fruit bowl next to a lonely banana.
It was so obvious. I just had to make mini apple pancakes.
I admit. It was an experiment. The watery apple could have ruined everything. But it worked. Surprisingly good actually.
But the thing is I only made a really small batch of pancake batter. I ended up with about five pancakes and as I thought about how to style them in an appetzing way, I didn´t come up with any idea that didn´t look foolish...
Soo, that is why you have to make them yourself some day and why I show you these spring photos.
Great, now that we´ve cleared that I think we could go for the recipe.
These are not ordinary mini pancakes filled with apples. These are breakfast pancakes with no sugar added made in a very fast way. Just to make sure you really have the time to fry the pancakes, even a stressful morning. The batch is small - if you are many double or triple the recipe. You can exchange the apple with one mashed banana.
mini apple pancakes about five
1½  egg (or two small ones)
1 big apple
½ tbs flour
1 tbs milk
½ pinch of salt
Grate the apple finely.
Whisk it together with the other ingredients until well combined.
Fry mini pancakes in a hot skillet and a little butter.
Serve as they are, with cream, blueberries, apple jam ...

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Postat av: Jessica Högberg

låter gott, måste ju funka i mina mandelpannkakor oxå=))
Tackar för lyckönskning...

Svar: Det gör det säkert! Prova!

2013-04-21 @ 13:38:12
Postat av: Linnea Lönnberg

gud vilka underbara bilder du tar!!

2013-04-25 @ 08:13:45

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