interview with Ella in the newest issue of FOTO and an apple curd

2013-08-26 @ 20:33:00
Is your garden full of apple trees? Do you feel bad about all these apples laying on the ground, going to waste?
Well, then hello. You are just like me.
Without spending to much of your time, telling you it´s the same "apples-going-to-waste-story" every single year, I´ll just spit out the solution immediately.
Give those apples to your friends! No, not your neighbours - they are much likely to have the same apple problem as you. I mean all of your friends living in flats, without big apple trees on their balcony. They appreciate the apples much more than you and me, I promise!
Make sure not to give away all of your apples, though. You wanna have some left for this curd, because you will have to make it. It is freakin´ awesome! Smooth, juicy and with a little hint of lime, its one of the yummiest curds I´ve made so far. For sure.
Whether you fill a pie shell with the curd, eat it with your sunday morning scone or eat it just like it is from the jar, you will be amazed. Recipe down below.
I´d also like to give a little hint about the short interview with me in the latest issue of the swedish photomagazine FOTO. I have scanned the text for you to read right away, but consider buying the whole magazine. Enjoy!

apple curd
juice of five apples
5 egg yolks
4 tbs lime juice
½ dl sugar
25 grams butter
Bring the juice to a boil, together with the sugar. When the sugar has disolved, turn off the heat and add the lime juice and the egg yolks. Stir.
On low heat, let the mixture thicken while stiring for about 15 minutes.
Add the butter and let cool. Fill a clean jar, and store in the refrigerator.

saften av fem äpplen
5 äggulor
4 msk limejuice
½ dl socker
25 gram smör

Koka upp saften, tillsammans med sockret. När sockret har löst upp sig, stäng av värmen och tillsätt limejuice och äggulor. Rör om.

På låg värme, låt blandningen tjockna under omröring i ca 15 minuter.

Tillsätt smöret och låt svalna. Fyll en ren burk, och förvara i kylskåp.

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Postat av: Mary - m.ade b.y m.ary

Grattis till exponeringen i FOTO! Skitkul!

Svar: Tack. Det är det verkligen!

2013-08-27 @ 10:55:07
Postat av: Krille

Bra jobbat Ella! Som vanligt :)

Svar: Hihi, tack!

2013-08-31 @ 21:20:36

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