green soybeans in the sunny afternoon

2013-06-05 @ 23:01:00
Friends. Guess what?
I have fallen in love with a vegetable for a second time. Weird, right?
The beetroot and I are already inseparable. You know that.
So then what kind of  evil, little vegetable has come to break up the perfect Ella.loves.beetroot relationship do you think?
Hold on,  I´ll tell you.
It´s a bean. Yes, I´m serious - a bean. To be more specific it´s THE GREEN SOYBEAN.
The ridiculous part about that is that I hated all kinds of beans no longer than two years ago. And now, now suddenly love all of them.
I told you, this world is just crazy.
Just look at that sparkling colour. That is how they look in reality. No photoshop. Just very yummy, beautiful beans. Beans that are mostly used in the asian cuisine and therefore a little tricky to come across in Sweden. You find frozen ones in the normal big supermarkets, but otherwise you´re very likely to find some fresh ones in any asian food store.
The beans are cooked in their pods with salt. Then you peel them and enjoy the bean. Don´t eat the pod, that one is to coarse. The bean on the other hand is perfectly soft.
I think they taste the best served hot as a snack in between. But they are really good in salads or pasta salads, too.
I really hope you try them if you haven´t tried them yet. Delicous, is all I can say.

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2013-06-06 @ 18:43:03

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