handpicked rhubarb & the fastest homemade potatisbullar

2013-05-25 @ 15:21:00
I barely made it, but after a lot of hard work I just finished cutting the grass in our garden. Puuih!
I mean the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the birds singing... so I am not complaining, but it was tiring.
Anyway, after that work I thought I deserve a break and decided to write a little to you.
And now while I write my stomach starts screaming. Not a big surprise, because I have eaten half a package sweet almond paste but hey! it was yummy. Too yummy.
From one thing to another - yesterday I made the most heavenly rhurbarb dessert in the entire world. I will so make it this evening again. And yes, even after all the  sweet almond paste I have already had!
Or how does this sound to you?
Butter & cardamon baked rhubarb with homemade ice cream.
Pretty damn good, right?
Inspiration came from Christer blogging at Nu kokar jag and you find the recipe here. Just make it. You won´t be disspointed.

We had white aspargagus for dinner last night and some of the potatoes were left over...
So I used them to make an ever so swedish lunch. Namely POTATISBULLAR MED LINGONSYLT.
Gaah, they were good! A perfect way to use the potatoes from yesterdays dinner.
I will just write down roughy how I did them, because it´s not that fussy. Take whatever you have at home.
swedish potatisbullar with lingonberry jam
Mash all the potatoes you have left with a little melted butter to a smooth purée. Add one egg, salt and pepper and some fresh dill/parsley. Form potato burgers and fry them in olive oil. Serve with lingonberry jam and ev. some bacon.
hemmagjorda potatisbullar med lingonsylt
Mosa all potatis du har kvar med lite smält smör till en slät puré. Blanda i ett ägg, salt och peppar och lite färsk dill / persilja. Forma potatisbiffar och stek dem i olivolja. Servera med lingonsylt och ev. knaperstekt bacon.

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Postat av: Krille

Tack snälla för länkning :) Och dina bilder är brutalt fina.

Svar: Taaack!

2013-05-26 @ 16:38:49
URL: http://nukokarjag.se
Postat av: Sophie

Mat direkt från naturen är det bästa som finns. Vilken lycka, härliga bilder.

Svar: Kan bara hålla med! Superskoj att höra.

2013-06-01 @ 20:39:04
URL: http://sophiegripenberg.com

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