mousse au chocolat without eggs

2013-10-20 @ 15:54:01
Recently I posted a recipe on chocolate mousse and I got some really great response to it. So I thought I´d try to come up with an even yummier and egg free version of it. And now here it is.
Not to forget though - MOUSSE AU CHOCOLAT is such a thing. There are a trillion ways to make it! While lots of us like to dig into a sweet whipped cream party, many also prefer it dark and heavy... Mmm dark chocolat mousse... mmm...
It would actually be so good if there was some kind of scale from one to ten on what texture the mousse of this certain recipe has. What about if one stands for very light and fluffy, five means the mousse is smooth and creamy and ten is the dark dark heavy stuff. This recipe would probably hit a four. It literally just melts on your
Why make the chocolate mousse without eggs?
No risk for salmonella, less dishes to wash, takes less time, someone might have a egg allgery or you want to make chocolat mousse but realize you´ve got zero eggs in your refrigerator. And yes, the last part happens to be my reason.
mousse au chocolat without eggs 6 portions
100 grams dark quality chocolate [use quality chocolate as it really makes a huge difference]
1 dl + 2½ dl whipping cream
2 tbs sugar
pinch of salt
Chop the chocolate and put in a bowl.
Whip 2½ dl cream until smooth. Make sure its not stiff as for decorating a cake etc.
Heat sugar, salt and 1 dl whipping cream in a saucepan on low heat. Let the sugar melt and set the saucepan aside.
Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and stir with spoon until the chocolate has melted completely.
Gently fold the chocolate mixture into the whipped cream.
Fill six glasses with the mousse. Then let it cool and stiffen in the refrigerator for at least three hours or over night.
mousse au chocolat utan ägg 6 portioner
100 gram mörk kvalitetschoklad [ använd kvalitetschokladdet verkligen gör en enorm skillnad ]
1 dl + 2 ½ dl vispgrädde
2 msk socker
en nypa salt

Hacka chokladen och lägg i en skål.
Vispa 2 ½ dl grädde tills den formar mjuka toppar. Se till att den inte blir för hårt vispad som till att dekorera en tårta etc.

Värm socker, salt och 1 dl vispgrädde i en kastrull på låg värme. Låt sockret smälta och ställ kastrullen åt sidan.
Häll den varma grädden över chokladen och rör om med sked tills chokladen har smält helt.

Vänd försiktigt ner choklad blandningen i den vispade grädden.
Fyll sex glas med moussen.
Låt den svalna och stelna i kylskåp i minst tre timmar eller över natten.

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Postat av: Suzanne BakeBelieve

Din blogg är verkligen en fröjd för ögat! Mousse utan ägg låter spännande :) Tar med mig detta receptet!

2013-10-20 @ 18:39:57
Postat av: ELIN

Gud vad gott!!!

2014-01-08 @ 13:53:20

Thank you for taking your time to leave a comment. You make my day! BR>



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