What to eat in Hong Kong?

I previously told you guys I would do a seperate post about our trip to Asia. Here is part one. Simply a few snapshots from Hong Kong with focus on the food and me trying to learn the video editing software ...

mini shrimp sandwiches

Happy New Year to y´ all!
Did you spend your holidays amongst your loved ones, having fun, celebrating, dancing, getting fat and all that? You might potentially still be trapped in that festive new-years-eve-christmas-food-drink-coma? Or did you just stay in bed, watching movies, laughing at everybody trying to buy last minute gifts?
Regardless from whether you celebrated or not, I hope you had a fun time. And I wish you all the best for two thousand and fourteen.
The last months of 2013, I haven´t been able to put much effort into this blog, which makes me rather sad. Mostly because of school taking over my life, and me trying to be social at the same time.
However I do promise to do my best to update SÖTT OCH SALT when there is time.
Talking about celebrating Christmas and New Years Eve earlier, I´ve been doing that away from home.
In fact I came back from marvelous trip to Asia just an hour ago. Right now I´m therefore trying to get used to the cold again, thinking that when I wake up tomorrow I will still be able to visit the lively markets in Hong Kong, and dip my toes in turquoise water in Thailand.
But I am planning on doing a seperate post about that later, so let´s leave it there, shall we?
And about the shrimp crackers - I love the swedish dish räkmacka so I thought why not make a finger food version of it. Here you go!
mini shrimp sandwiches
crackers, some kind of hard bread
iceberg lettuce
fresh, peeled shrimps
homemade or high quality mayonnaise ( worth the money and the time! )
Break the crackers into bite-sized pieces, and then build your shrimp towers.
First a piece of lettuce, a few shrimps, a dollop of mayonnaise and some fresh black pepper on top.
mini räkmackor
färska, skalade räkor
hemlagad eller majonnäs av bättre kvalitet (värt pengarna och tiden!)

Bryt knäckebröden i lagom stora bitar, och bygg sedan dina räktorn.
Först ett blad sallad, några räkor, en klick majonnäs och lite färsk svartpeppar toppen.

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