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I know it has been a while and I am not proud of it, but there has been too much going on to have the time to post anything new. At least, you can look forward to an awesome recipe in no time! Stay tuned..

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the cutest apple rose pies

We all have that "dah" moment from time to time.
It all beginns with an idea. After some pondering, you are almost sure this idea will work out pretty awesome. The only thing that is left now, is to try it out. And then when your idea turns out to be freakin superduperawesome and you can´t wait to tell the world "HA! Told ya this would work! Told ya." then it´s right there. The "daaah" moment. I love that feeling. An awesome egoboost is just what it is.
These little cute pies were nothing else but a thought, an idea I happened to turn into reality this weekend. With a dah moment as a result. Oh, was I happy that they turned out this good.
I started of by making a bunch full of mini pie shells in my mini muffin pan.
In the meantime, while waiting for the pie shells to bake in the oven, I made apples sauce. Oh, dear apple sauce. It is sooo good.
Here you can go ahead and add whatever spices you like. Cinnamon ist el classico of course, but why not try something new?
Then I filled the pie shells with some apple sauce and sliced another four apples in thin [like in really, really thin] slices. I rolled the slices into roses and placed the roses in the apple sauce. Then I baked the pies for some more minutes and I was done.
I love how they turned out and can therefore only suggest that you give ´em a try.
You´re worth it. And they are worth it.
mini apple rose pies
6 dl flour
pinch of salt
4 tbs sugar
250 grams butter
4 tbs water
four big apples
4-5 apples
Mix flour and sugar in a bowl. Add the cold butter in small pieces. Distribute the fat in the flour with your fingers.

Add water and form a nice dough.

Wrap the dough in some plastic film. Place it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, preferably for two hours or more.

Preheat the oven to 200 ° C and use a mini muffin pan to form mini pie shells. Bake in the oven for about 12 minutes or until they are golden.
Cut apples into small pieces and place in a sauce pan. Let them boil for ca 10 minutes, together with some tbs of water and a little sugar. Decide by yoursef how sweet you want the apple sauce to be. The apple sauce is ready when it´s thick but runny.
Check out any video on youtube to learn how to make roses out of apples.
Fill the pie shells with some apple sauce and place an apple rose on top.
Bake in the oven at 175 ° C  for approximately ten minutes.
Serve with some whipped cream and enjoy!

mini äppelrospajer
6 dl vetemjöl
en nypa salt
4 msk socker
250 gram smör

4 msk vatten
fyra stora äpplen

4-5 äpplen

Blanda mjöl och socker i en skål. Tillsätt kallt smör i små bitar. Fördela fettet i mjölet med fingrarna.

Tillsätt vatten och knåda till en fin deg.

Svep in degen i lite plastfilm. Låt den vila i kylskåp i minst 30 minuter, helst i två timmar.

Värm ugnen till 200 ° C och använd en mini muffin form för att göra mini paj skal. Grädda i ugnen i ca 12 minuter eller tills de är gyllenbruna.

Skär äpplena i små bitar och lägg i en kastrull. Låt dem koka i ca 10 minuter, tillsammans med några msk vatten och lite socker. Bestäm själv hur söt du vill att din äppelmos ska vara. Den är klar när den är tjock men rinnig.

Kolla in någon video youtube för att lära sig hur man gör rosor av äpplen.

Fyll pajskalen med lite äppelmos och tryck in din äppelros.
Grädda i ugnen i 175 ° C i cirka tio minuter.

Servera med lite vispad grädde och njut!

Quark and Peach Cake [my secret addiction]

As this video is a very spontanious one, I had no time to clean up the kitchen properly, grab the better looking bowls or preweigh the ingredients in sweet little jars. I apologize for that, but I hope you can still enjoy the video.
So this is nothing else but a totally unplanned video, about me making dinner. 
Cake for dinner? You heard me.
The dish is sweet and was originally served as a dessert, but somehow some years ago we started eating it for dinner instead ... with a salad as a sidedish.
And I would be such a liar, if I told you that is a problem. Cake for dinner is awesome.
[Don´t just eat the salad and the cake on the same plate. You will thank me.]
Talking about liars, this is not really a cake as in "cake-cake". It ´s more like a casserole, but a casserole is something salty to me, so I couldn´t find a better name. Watch the video and you can make up your own mind.
Last but ot least, if you´ve read my blog or a while, you might recognize this recipe. You are fine! No déja-vu here! Don´t worry.
I have posted it before, but my camera happened to be right next to me and I couln´t resist filming the procedure. It was fun until the battery died... so here we go again with the recipe for my secret addiction.
Serioulsy, it´s so good!
Quark and Peach Cake
1000 g quark
150g semolina
zest of 1 lemon
6 eggs
10 tablespoons milk
150g butter
150g sugar

1 jar of peaches in syrup
15 g butter
about ½ cup granulated sugar

butter for greasing the form

Preheat the oven to 150 degrees.
Separate the eggs. Beat the egg white to a solid foam.

Prepare a new bowl and whiskthe butter, the sugar, and the egg yolks to a smooth batter.
Add the quark, milk and semolina. Stir well! The colour should be a somewhat yellowish.
No gently fold the egg whites into the batter. Leave it as fluffy as you can.
Let the peaches draine and then cut them into cubes.
Prepare a large baking dish and grease with butter. Pour a third of the batter into the mold. Spread half of the peaches in the batter.
Pour half of the remaining batter over the peaches and spread out with a spatula so that all the peaches are covered by the batter. Spread the rest of the peaches in the batter.
Pour the batter over the last peaches.

Cut about 15 g butter in small pieces. "Sprinkle the on top the gratin.
Also sprinkle about ½ cup granulated sugar evenly over the gratin.
Bake in the oven for about 40 minutes. It should have grown a bit and be golden.

Kvarg och persiko gratäng
1000 g kvarg
150 g mannagryn
skalet av 1 citron
6 ägg
10 msk mjölk
150 g smör
150 g strösocker

1 burk inlagda persikor
ca 15 g smör
ca ½ dl strösocker

smör till smörjning av form


Sätt ugnen på 180 grader.
Separera äggen. Vispa äggvitan till ett fast skum.

Ta fram en ny bunke och vispa ihop 150 g smör, 150 g socker, 6 äggulor till en fin smet.
Tillsätt kvargen, mjölken och mannagrynen. Rör om ordentligt! Du ska ha en lite gulaktig färg på smeten.
Vänd försiktigt ner äggvitan i smeten. Det ska vara lite fluffigt ( Det gör inget om det enbart är lite äggvita på något ställe )

Låt persikorna droppa av och skär sedan persikorna i tärningar.
Ta fram en stor gratängform och smörj med smör.
Häll en tredjedel av smeten i formen. Fördela hälften av persikorna på smeten.
Häll hälften av resterande smeten över persikorna och bred ut med en slickepott så att alla persikor täcks av smet.
Fördela resten av persikorna på smeten.
Häll den sista smeten över persikorna och fördela jämnt en gång till.
Skär ca 15 g  ( en liten skiva ) i små bitar. Fördela över gratängen.
Strö över ca ½ dl strösocker jämnt över gratängen.

Grädda i ugnen ca 40 min. Den ska ha växt lite och fått en gyllegul färg.
Låt kallna lite och njuuut!

Old photos, but I believe you like to have a look at the end results anyways.. so there we go!

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