handpicked rhubarb & the fastest homemade potatisbullar

I barely made it, but after a lot of hard work I just finished cutting the grass in our garden. Puuih!
I mean the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the birds singing... so I am not complaining, but it was tiring.
Anyway, after that work I thought I deserve a break and decided to write a little to you.
And now while I write my stomach starts screaming. Not a big surprise, because I have eaten half a package sweet almond paste but hey! it was yummy. Too yummy.
From one thing to another - yesterday I made the most heavenly rhurbarb dessert in the entire world. I will so make it this evening again. And yes, even after all the  sweet almond paste I have already had!
Or how does this sound to you?
Butter & cardamon baked rhubarb with homemade ice cream.
Pretty damn good, right?
Inspiration came from Christer blogging at Nu kokar jag and you find the recipe here. Just make it. You won´t be disspointed.

We had white aspargagus for dinner last night and some of the potatoes were left over...
So I used them to make an ever so swedish lunch. Namely POTATISBULLAR MED LINGONSYLT.
Gaah, they were good! A perfect way to use the potatoes from yesterdays dinner.
I will just write down roughy how I did them, because it´s not that fussy. Take whatever you have at home.
swedish potatisbullar with lingonberry jam
Mash all the potatoes you have left with a little melted butter to a smooth purée. Add one egg, salt and pepper and some fresh dill/parsley. Form potato burgers and fry them in olive oil. Serve with lingonberry jam and ev. some bacon.
hemmagjorda potatisbullar med lingonsylt
Mosa all potatis du har kvar med lite smält smör till en slät puré. Blanda i ett ägg, salt och peppar och lite färsk dill / persilja. Forma potatisbiffar och stek dem i olivolja. Servera med lingonsylt och ev. knaperstekt bacon.

våra gyllengula små kycklingar

So since I wrote the last time, some more of these tiny creatures have been born. Indeed there are seven of them running around in our garden right now. It´s cray how cute they are and my hand (my hands are really small) is big enough for two.
I´m sorry for this quick and short update, but I feel sick. I hope you enjoy the awesome weather and all the green which is popping out in places at the moment!
I´ll be back soon.

jitterburgare, chokladkolasnittar & drömmar

"Oooh, how cuuuuute!" we all said in chorus some hours ago when the first of a handfull eggs hatched and a tiny, tiny chicken slipped out. Since then two more have seen daylight and now we are enthusiastically waiting whether there will be a few more or not ...
I might show you some photographs later on, but for the moment it is important to leave these newborns alone.
Out of some reason people call me "aunt Ella" from time to time. I don´t really understand what is so "auntie" about me, but all the homemade cookies, pies & other sweet stuff I bake for them could be a potential reason. Just to make sure these people are right once in this case, I used the last flour in this house yesterday and made "sju sorters kakor". What that is?
Well, "seven kinds of cookies" which would be the english translation is a loved tradition in Sweden since 1800.
The story behind simply is that the housewife was supposed to serve her guest/s at least seven different short breads/cookies together with the coffee. Otherwise it was seen as impolite and discourteous.
Seven cookies are a lot and I didn´t really have that much time so I left it with three. These three though are greatly yummy and are called jitterburgare, chokladkolasnittar and drömmar.
I will share the recipes with you guys another day because time runs out now. I was just so thrilled to tell you about the chickens. Good night then. Good night.

white asparagus & Berlin

Folks, I am back.
The past week I have been working a lot for school and been on a trip to Berlin. All together that meant less time for blogging and that is just how it is. Life came across, as some like to say.
Hm.. well..two rainy days in Berlin with my dad, eating lots of "Curry-Wurst", meeting friends, and beeing in Germany made me quite happy. As the half-german chick I am, it felt great to visit the german capital city for the first time of my life.
I really enjoyed all the green areas and the birds chirping in the middle of the city. Factually I still can´t believe Berlin is a capital city. To me it felt like a big village with elements of a capital city. But I liked that.
We also had a tuff time, regarding all the history which is present wherever you go. I almost felt sorry all the time. What happend was just so freakin sick. And if I could, I would remake the history immediately. Peace.
Now to funnier things. Asparagus.
Yes, we could discuss the amusement in that, but we leave that part.
Because I said so.
In Germanhy the asparagus saison just started and you can buy fresh ones everywhere. We did of course bring some kilos back to Sweden. In fact we ate them for dinner tonight.
A couple of different lovely hams, potatoes and the asparagus. And melted butter. Heaven, heaven, heaven...
if youre able to get some, just buy the asparagus, forget about anything else and eat. Because I said so. (again!)
Here is how to cook them.
white asparagus with melted butter 6 persons
2 kg white asparagus
150 gram salted butter
1½ teaspoons of salt and sugar
cooked potatoes
Peel the aspargus and save the peel.
Let the peel cook in some water for about half an hour.
Remove the peel from the water and place the asparagus in a sauce pan together with the "peel water". Add a little salt and sugar.

Let cook for 15-25 minutes until ready.
Melt the butter.
Serve the asparagus with the melted butter, some potatoes and delicious hams or roastbeef.
Happy spring!
vit sparris med smält smör
2 kg vit sparris
150 gram saltat smör
1½ tsk socker och salt
skinkor av god kvalitet
kokt potatis
Skala sparrisen och spara skalet.
Låt skalet koka i lite vatten i ca en halvtimme.
Ta bort skalet från vattnet och lägg sparrisen i en kastrull tillsammans med "skalvattnet". Tillsätt lite salt och socker.

Låt koka i 15-25 minuter tills de är genomkokta.
Smält smöret.

Servera sparrisen med smält smör, lite potatis och god skinka eller rostbiff.
Glad vår!

beetroot, chevre & honey

I am in love with beetroot.
You have heard it before, haven´t you? But seriously, I could keep on telling you about this special love more than a billion times. The beetroot and me. True soulmates. A couple made in heaven.
Yeah,... it is that kind of love. That strong vegetable-human love we all know. Or, at least I know it.. hihi. Do you?

Whatever. Today I want to share an amazing recipe with you. It´s kind of my addiction in foodway. 
If I could, I would eat it three times a day. Easily!
I wonder whether I should tell you I made that wonderful beetroot yesterday and accidentally almost ate it all by myself.
You don´t believe me?
Excuse me, but it was definitely an accident. Imagine how hard it was to take one more bite.
Actually it was so hard to eat it, I had to make some more for breakfast this morning. Hard was the word. And damn yummy.
Serve this fresh, a little sweet salad with fresh, slightly roasted salmon and you will float on clouds.
I beg you to give this salad a try, because it freakin awesome and you wouldn´t want to miss it.
Just do it, okay?
beetroot salad with chevre & honey
2 servings
2 fresh beetroots, cooked
six 1 cm thick high quality chevre slices
olive oil
8 sugar snaps
Slice the beetroot. Put some chevre on top of every beetroot slice. Save some for later.
Add a dollop of honey on every slice.
Heat the oven and let it sitin there for about 15 minutes in the oven ( 180 degrees )
Make an easy salad of the rocket, the sugar snaps, the rest of the chevre and drizzle some olive oil over it.
Serve with the hot beetroots from the oven. And if you like it a litlle sweeter, add some more honey.

vanilla magic cake

I just can´t believe may is here. First april fool jokes feels like yesterday and so does my birthday - which was in end of march!
Where did all those days go? Swioouushh.. and the days are gone, or what?
Well, that is kind of what it feels like.
Anyway, as this is one of these "free-day-from-school-but-I-have-nothing-planned-because-it´s-a-weekday-days" I started the morning with staying in bed for an hour. Then I ran some kilometres, made this vanilla magic cake and took a looong shower whilst the cake was in the oven. Later on I had some humus for lunch and a piece of cake..
The cake is called magic cake.
I thought it sounded very exiting when I first heard about it and spent at least half an hour googeling it. Conclusion was, that a thin batter which gets fluffy due to some eggwhite goes into the oven - where the magic happens - and comes out as a cake with three different layers.
Eeh what? How does that work?
And that my ladies and gentlemen is why you should learn chemie. Because then you and me would have known. Not that this is the kind of stuff you learn in chemie in school, but I´m sure you get the hint...
If the chemical part rather dosn´t interest you there is still other exiting stuff about this cake.
 Just think about the feeling when it looks like you have put in hours of work making a three layer cake, when the truth is it took you maximum fifteen minutes to finsh the batter. That is the best thing about this cake in my opinion.
The other funny thing about the cake are how different the layers actually become. On top you will find sponge cake,  in the middle a consistency like firm vanilla custard and on the bottom like a soft pie crust.
And now you wonder what it all tasted like? Good?
To be honest I was not so very impressed by the taste, but don´t count on me. You know, I hate custard and half of the cake is custard... which means it is not that surprising it is not my kind of cake.
Nevertheless the two boys in the house really enjoyed it.
But that was also a thing I found out whilst googelig - this is a cake you either love or hate.
Try it yourself and tell me what you think.
Inspiration for the cake recipe came from by blondie. A swedish food blog with lots of recipes you can´t wait to try. Check her out!
vanilla magic cake
125 gram butter
115 gram flour
5 dl milk
3 teaspoon vanilla powder
1 tablespoon water
4 egg yolks, room temperature
150 gram icing sugar
4 eggwhites, room temperature
4 drops of vinegar
Melt the butter. Let it cool.
Beat icing sugar, water, vanilla sugar and egg yolks until fluffy and white. Pour in the cooled butter and whisk again.
Sift the flour into the mixture a little at a time and whisk until well blended.
Heat the milk to body temperature (37 degrees) and then whisk it into the batter.
Beat the egg whites with the vinegar until you have a solid foam.
Gently fold the egg whites into the batter.
Grease and flour a baking pan about 20x20cm and pour in the batter.
Bake for an hour at 160 degrees and let it cool completely before serving.
Dust with icing sugar and serve with light cream.
magisk vaniljkaka
Se receptet på by blondies blogg här.

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